Get In Front Of The Competition.

PPC advertising gives you the opportunity to pay for top positions on search engines and appear on relevant partner websites. 

That PPC Guy can build, optimize or consult on PPC campaigns using Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Call today to set up a free evaluation of your current Google Ads campaign or to see how your business could benefit from a PPC campaign. 


Google Ad Management

Bid Optimization:

Bid optimization to ensure max ROI for your campaign.

Negative Keywords:

Identify and block irrelevant search queries.

New Keywords:

Identify new keywords & opportunities to generate leads.

Schedule Management:

Analyzing when conversions happen to build a schedule and optimize bids.


.Landing Page Optimization:

Landing page advice to help increase conversion rates.

Competitors Analysis:

Monitor Impression Share of all competitors ads.

Budget Utilization:
Select the best bid strategy based on ROI.
Conversion Setup:

Conversion Tracking To Help You Make More Profitable Advertising Decisions.


Businesses We've Helped

That PPC Guy client
That PPC Guy client
That PPC Guy client
That PPC Guy client
That PPC Guy client
That PPC Guy client
That PPC Guy client
That PPC Guy client
That PPC Guy client
That PPC Guy client

Open-Ended Communication

Our  approach to client communication means you have the ability to contact That PPC Guy directly at any time to discuss your campaign. From the initial setup to our monthly management reports, you’ll hear from us often with direct and jargon-free exchanges.

Why you should hire That PPC Guy

One-On-One Management

No 1-800 numbers or uninspiring account reps. Work directly with That PPC Guy. Complete transparency and answers when you need them.

No Contracts

Look, if it's working why wouldn't you stay?  We take a vested interest in your business and want our results to be the reason you work with us, not a signed piece of paper. 

ROI Focused

Increased website traffic is great, but that's not our focus. We want results: purchases, downloads, phone calls, appointments. 

13 Years Of Experience

That PPC Guy has managed Google Ads since 2009 helping businesses across multiple industries in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia and the Netherlands. 


Justin Golden

That PPC Guy

Before starting my own business I managed $2MM in annual ad spend as a Digital Marketing Director at the corporate level and also worked as a paid media specialist at a marketing agency, both in Houston, TX. I took lessons from both experiences, combined them with my ideas and energy, and built That PPC Guy.

I live on 4 acres in beautiful Stilwell, KS with my wife and three kids. We love to travel and as a family we've visited 35 states and 16 National Parks.